Here you go you animals.))

Can you tell my hype for Season 12 yet?))

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Sometimes it’s hard for me to express my feelings.

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You need to do better than that, Skyfire. Maybe you should’ve shown him tiny Megatrons burning up in the atmosphere. Now that’s friendship fuel!


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yo yo yo!!

Loosely inspired by these dresses.

And obviously based off of Skywarp, Starscream, and Thundercracker.

I want to be Skywarp to Bot Con ;mmm;

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(Source: nintendo-thebign)

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rvb meme - (1/3) AI

"stop talking to me, you’ll mess me up!"

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dang forgot to add this:


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if you’re struggling with homework, just pretend it’s for starfleet.

biology? no no, xenobiology. for when you’re on the enterprise and you have to examine flora and fauna of newly discovered planets

math? more like super important warp calculations

physics? gotta be like chekov hell yeah

english? no it’s a report for starfleet command

learning a language? channel nyota uhura 

gotta pop open a torpedo im really weapons expert carol marcus

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This clip is just too great not to share.

(From the Season 10 Audio Commentary)

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